NiMEC slow release fertilizer is a new entry to the fertilizer market capitalizing on a carbon/urea polymer matrix to slowly and efficiently deliver nitrogen.

Utilizing multiple nitrogen sources complexed with carbon and mesoporous silica, NiMEC fertilizer technology provides a sustained, gradual release of vital nutrients. The complexed homogeneous granule releases via microbial mineralization to minimize surge growth and provide a reliable, long-term release curve.

Derived from a renewable waste stream, RENOVO captures, densifies and enriches it with valuable plant inputs, including chelated iron, ammoniacal nirogen, and microbially released nitrogen.. This captured waste stream is rich in higly adsorbitive carbon making it an ideal carrier for nitrogen and phosphorus. The binded nutrient matrix (NATRiX) offers a unique method of release and enhanced efficiency.

NiMEC technology contains a methylene & triazone ureas, quick release urea, ammoniacal nitrogen, ferrous sulfate, carbon & amorphous silica. The homogeneous NiMEC structure allows for a highly efficienct delivery of nitrogen, iron, and soluble silica.

Due to its hard, non-hygroscopic granule characteristic, it is a prime candidate for use as a slow release nitrogen source in fertilizer blends.


  • Methylene & Triazone Ureas provide a slow, sustained release, activated by
    microbial mineralization.
  • Urea & ammoniacal nitrogen provide an immediate release and response for plant utilization.
  • Ferrous glycinate for immediate color response.
nimec slow release nitrogen chart


+4S +5Fe +10Si

  • Repeated applications may improve soil tilth, structure, and water holding.

  • Can be applied as a singular product or blended as a component of a fertilizer.

  • Compatible with phoshporus and other nutrients.

  • Uniform, firm, non-hygroscopic granule.

  • Non-clumping.

  • May increase phosphorus availability in certain soils.*
    * Assessing the Increase in Soil Moisture Storage Capacity and
    Nutrient Enhancement of Different Organic Amendments in Paddy Soil


RENOVO is a specialty product manufacturer specializing in agglomeration techniques for the granulation and enrichment of waste streams.

NiMEC is the second release technology developed to improve the efficiency, duration, and predictability of nitrogen.

Seeking and taking advantage of various carbon sources, allows Renovo to elicit unique responses from its final products.

Renovo aims to mitigate total reliance on purely conventional fertilizers by enhancing the efficiency of modern chemistry.

nimec granule size